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A Groundbreaking Book by An EPA Lawyer and Whistleblower Who Tells the Truth About the Environmental Protection Agency, the Fight Against Pollution in America, and What We Must Do to Save Our Earth from Climate Change

For 31 years, Richard Emory served as an enforcement attorney in EPA Headquarters, during a critical time when tools of pollution control were just developing. He came to EPA after having been an Assistant Attorney General in Maryland, where he co-prosecuted perhaps the first criminal case for toxic-waste dumping in America. In the 1990’s, he saw climate change coming.

This must read climate change book, part-memoir by a veteran state and federal environment official, takes us along on criminal investigations and in courtroom battles. In this fight, as legal advisor to EPA’s federal Special Agents, he rose to be our nation’s top lawyer for all EPA investigations of pollution crime. It’s a story of empowerment to tell the truth about the EPA and the Department of Justice – even to blow the whistle on wrongdoing. This is the good, the bad and the ugly of the unending struggle against pollution in America. You may laugh, you may cry, but you will not be bored.

In the second half of his EPA journey, Emory worked internationally. Around the world, he saw climate change coming, but this book isn’t just another climate change book. It’s one man’s lifelong and world-wide exploration to understand what’s really important to our humanity and planet. Because the U.S. EPA needs partners in the struggle to save the world, you’ll travel along with Emory on foreign missions and witness his work – often with the United Nations – to help other nations create effective EPA’s on the U.S. model. When he saw how his beloved EPA was dismantled by a science-denying Administration starting in 2017, he knew the fight wasn’t yet over.

Starting in 2021, there’s hope once again for our planet, as the U.S. is rejoining the civilized world to prevent climate chaos and the worst possible catastrophe – human extinction.

Who will benefit from this much-needed climate change book?  

  • Younger people who desire to build lives of happy employability as full-time pollution fighters working to save our planet—finding fulfillment, even joy, and paychecks in many professional fields.
  • Avid readers who care about environmental science (for the non-scientist) and are drawn to stories of adventure.
  • Mature readers of any age, who care about how to protect the Earth and our natural environment. Readers who are parents and grandparents will connect with their younger family members protesting the mistreatment of nature.

How to Order the Book

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