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Kirkus Book Review, April 22, 2020 (50th Anniversary of Earth Day):

“A former Environmental Protection Agency attorney delivers an impassioned plea to fight pollution and climate change. ***Timely and engaging; a heroic environmental story well told.”

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Excerpts from eight Amazon Reviews as of April 27, 2020 – all five-star:

“Fascinating and detailed. This is an engaging page turner. ***It is highly readable, at times funny; a clarion cry.”

“An important and inspiring read! Mr. Emory has shared his fascinating story in particular to inspire young people to pick up the torch by choosing any one of many paths available to continue the fight to save our world. A highly recommended read for anyone with a conscience.”

“What you always wanted to know about the EPA. In this insider’s view of the EPA, ***his early experience in politics as well as his impressive legal background position him to tell it like it is. What was especially interesting to me was the fact that he was a whistleblower. He faced the same scrutiny and eventual harassment that has been seen all to recently in American politics.”

“What are we leaving our grandchildren? I thoroughly enjoyed “Fighting Pollution” not only for the information regarding pollution and climate change and what ignoring both will do to future generations, but also for the readability. It is a page turner.”

“Fighting corruption – lessons for the next generation. ***He weaves his own story of personal highs and lows of his long EPA career with an inspiring narrative about how our nation can tackle the most important environmental issues of our time. He calls on each of us to make a difference!”

“The extinction of men and women on Earth is the dire prophesy of the author, a distinguished environmental attorney and scholar***. He presents a cogent and actionable plan for us to proceed now to avoid the currently inevitable end of our species. A very compelling read.”

“Highly recommend this book to all ages. ***Mr. Emory’s passion for this topic as well as his concerns for our families, particularly the younger members is noteworthy. Will definitely encourage, family, friends and older grandchildren to read this book.”

“A must read for everyone who cares about our climate. The book gives a clear explanation of the science of climate change in the context of a world of mixed priorities. ***This book gives a great perspective while challenging the reader to become involved.”

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