Bookstore Orders

How to Order

The revised edition, published in August 2020, is now available. Any bookstore with an Ingram account can pick up Ingram’s feed to find and order the paperback book with ISBN is 978-1-64438-069-7, and the hardcover with ISBN number: 978-1-64718-848-1. A bookstore may get a deeper discount from the publisher by going to BookLocker’s wholesale order form for bookstores.

Bookstores in Canada, the U.K., and Australia can order the book from their in-country distributors.

The book is also listed in the database of R. R. Bowker (the United States ISBN agency).

Poster for Displays

For the book there is an attractive little poster or flyer for table display in your store. In PDF format showing both sides of the book’s exciting cover, you can print this in color, double-sided on just one piece of 8.5”x11” paper. On the back for you is contact information including how to place your wholesale order. 

A traffic jam of readers who will be coming to your bookstore to buy the book! 

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